Alkaline batteries are the most widely used battery, as well as the most reliable for powering small-to-medium sized devices. They are a solid reliable technology first developed at the beginning of the 20th century by Thomas Edison, and have stuck around for over a century as the go-to battery of choice for everyday use. Alkaline batteries use a reaction of magnesium dioxide and zinc to provide a reliable power source. As opposed to nickel and zinc/carbon batteries, the alkaline battery has a longer shelf life and provides more power per cell.

Because of the significant advantages of alkaline batteries to zinc/carbon or nickel, alkaline has become the vastly dominant battery type in the general battery market. Anyone who has children can tell you that Christmas day is not complete without a good supply of new alkaline batteries within easy reach.

Alkaline batteries are not only reliable and powerful, they are also extremely versatile. They power many different kinds of devices with various power needs such as clocks, flashlights, remote controls, almost every kind of battery powered child’s toy, kitchen appliance, and just about every kind of common household battery powered item you can think of. Alkaline batteries typically are available in the AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 volt varieties. While the Alkaline battery is not the best choice for very small digital items such as watches and handheld LED lights, for nearly anything else in your house Mr. Edison’s alkaline battery invention is still going strong. Just make sure to recycle them when you’re done!

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