Emergency Lighting Battery

If you are a business owner you already have experience with emergency exits and signage. Here at the Battery Warehouse we find that one critical portion of the emergency program is often overlooked, Emergency Lighting batteries.
Obviously, your local Building Inspector or Fire Marshall is a great friend of ours but he should be yours as well. Their job is to keep your employees and customers safe which is why regular testing of Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting Units is important. Their job is to make sure they are in good working order, our job is to make sure your Emergency Lighting batteries are up to par.
While the Fire & Building Codes can vary from state to state one thing will never change, the need for quality Emergency Lighting batteries. At Battery Warehouse Co., we recommend that you test your emergency lighting units and exit signs once a month. The test is fast and painless, unfortunately more times than not, these devices are ignored. An “Emergency” doesn’t come with advance notice, please add regular emergency system checks to your regular maintenance program.
If you are not sure which battery your unit takes or you don’t see it on our web site please give us a call at 800-826-3352. It’s our goal to keep you safe as well.
If you are a dealer, service center, or buy in large volume don’t forget about our corporate buyer program. It’s free to join and offers special promotions and pricing.

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