FRS - Family Radio Service Battery

The age of the cell phone has changed the way we communicate but that doesn’t mean that the age of radio communication is dead. Battery Warehouse CO. stocks a full line of FRS batteries (Family Radio Service).
FRS service is fairly new, invented about a decade ago based on a petition to the FCC from radio manufacturers like Motorola and Radio Shack. These small two way radios use frequencies in the 462-468 MHz range. Market research determined that people didn’t want to carry around huge CB walkie talkies anymore, mobile phones changed that. Communicating was also a problem as the 49MHz band used by the cordless phones wasn’t cutting it for serious use.
In an effort to fill this communication void the FCC created an UNLICENSED band of 14 channels exclusively for walkie-talkies. They limited power output to 500 MW and restricted radios to have NON-REMOVABLE ANTENNAS. These radios typically work a mile or two outdoors, largely depending on surrounding terrain and foliage. FRS, Two-Way Radio or Walkie-Talkie are all common descriptions for these devices.
Whether you require an FRS two way radio battery from Cobra, Midland, Motorola or Uniden, at Battery Warehouse Co., we have the high quality walkie-talkie replacement batteries you need to stay in touch.
Please give us a call at 800-826-3352 for any questions you may have about FRS two way radio batteries.
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