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Watersports and boating can be great fun for the entire family. That fun can quickly turn to disaster though if your boat battery dies while a mile from shore. At the Battery Warehouse Co. we take great pride in helping to educate our customers if necessary so you can make an informed decision. We want to be sure you purchase the proper type of marine battery.

There are two basic types of Marine batteries. There is a “starting” battery who’s sole purpose is to start your engine, easy enough right? There is also a “Deep Cycle” battery which can both start your engine AND run all of the extra equipment that makes RV travel, boating, sailing, fishing and watersports so enjoyable. These items include the depth finder, live wells, fish finders, stereos, and even the lights in your boat or all of your RV accessories. That’s right; a deep cycle battery is also what you need to keep that Recreational Vehicle cruising down the road.

While many of these handy devices are small in size they run directly off of your battery when the engine is not running. Because of their demanding power drains, your batteries state of charge may be compromised. With proper maintenance this is not a problem for a quality Deep Cycle battery. They can be cycled (drain, charge, drain, charge) hundreds of times.

At Battery Warehouse Co., we provide both Marine Starter batteries and Deep Cycle Batteries. The 24MS is our marine starting battery. It provides high cranking power for quick engine starts. Similar to a car battery, it’s not meant to be fully drained. When you leave the lights on in your car it kills your battery. The same principle applies to our marine starting battery. Don’t drain it! It’s a long swim or walk back.

Our Deep Cycle battery line comes in three sizes (24DCM, 27DCM, 31DCM) and power levels. They offer BOTH high starting power and deep cycle capability. Before you buy, be sure to first determine the amperage you need to power your equipment and then purchase the appropriate battery.

If you have any other questions, please contact Battery Warehouse Co. in Shelby Township at 800-826-3352.
If you are a marine or RV dealer or service center don’t forget about our corporate buyer program. It’s free to join and offers special promotions and pricing.

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