Medical Equipment Battery

You will find the sealed lead-acid batteries from Battery Warehouse Co in all types of medical businesses and equipment. Because of their sealed nature, they do not put out any fumes or gases making them ideal for assisted living centers, hospitals, doctor’s offices. These valve regulated, spill proof batteries are extremely safe to use. This make them a great fit for medical equipment like pumps and hospital beds.

With a sealed lead-acid battery all of the gases produced during a normal usage are reused or “recombined” so there is never a need to add electrolyte. Because of this type of construction this type of battery is leak-proof and can be installed in any position, even upside down. Under normal usage you can expect 4 or 5 years of dependable service.

At Battery Warehouse Co., we take this type of battery application quite seriously. If you have a battery powered device that is used to maintain your health, you need to focus on getting better not worrying about the quality of the battery operating your device. You just need to know that with our 33 years of experience we know the quality product you deserve.

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